Somebody asked me that the other day, and frankly, I never had thought about me or this site in that way.
It started out as a means, the only means it seemed, to get my story out, to clear up my name, which had been trashed in the media. Because it mattered to me, still matters, that I don’t go to my grave with a shadow hanging over me. I don’t deserve it, and I want my children to be proud, one day, of their father.
I employed 5 sets of attorneys to do this for me. I employed a press agent to do this for me, a self-styled “media expert and author” yet. Hundreds of thousands of my dollars went into their pockets.
They all failed to do this, I think because their eyes remained dazzled by the celebrity factor, each one of them wishing they were representing her, my ex-wife the famous celebrity, instead of me. It was an unusual situation, peculiar to Hollywood, and I was expected to slink off into the shadow. Well, none of them knew who they were dealing with.
This site has developed since I opened it last Christmas Day, and I’ve found my voice since going out on my own.
To be up there in the search engines, it is necessary to make frequent entries, and I have come to enjoy keeping up with the news, and commenting on what goes on in the world, through my eyes only.
I continue to have no use for lawyers, to dislike most judges, and to scorn the American system of justice for not doing its job, which is to oversee people’s problems hopefully by getting them to settle before trial, and send them on their way with the sense that they can move on with their lives.
Because of my personal journey through the system, I’m worth listening to. I have no axe to grind, I don’t adhere to one point of view, neither his nor hers; I have no formal religious beliefs, nor any adherence to a political party. In fact, I have deliberately never voted in my life.
I don’t believe in the polarizing of views, either for or against, except in the one arena where there is no middle ground. And that is the stock market, where you are either all right or all wrong every day (although, eventually, you will probably be found to be right).
I believe that it is in the middle parts of the extremes advocated by attorneys and others where the good and true life exists, and where reconciliation can take place and relationships saved.
I do like the law, it is fascinating. I recently tested at a school where they train wannabe lawyers thinking it would be a useful education. They loved me, but I decided not to follow through, I felt it would taint me.
If there were a school for judges, where you learn the law, and where you can hold on to your self, your independence, and your sense of personal identity and ethics, I would go there. I think I would make a good judge. But that’s not allowed in this country; by law, one must be a lawyer first, before becoming a judge! And the brain, created as RAM, becomes ROM.
So, in answer to my first question, yes I am a whistle-blower, and can afford to be since I don’t have to brownnose my way into the favors of any person running a work environment any more.
And a Federal Judge has just taught me the rules of engagement for blowing whistles. More about that later.
So there! And to certain people out there, be afraid.