Such irony!!!
The crew should have refused Captain’s orders to go out with a hurricane over the horizon. I’m sure Cap’n Bligh would not have, he was too good of a sailor.

The tall ship had left Connecticut last week en route for St. Petersburg, Fla., heading South and keeping near to the coast. It’s reported that the owners were seeking a buyer somewhere down in the Gulf.Continue Reading HMS Bounty Needed Another Mutiny!

Hey folks, this is quite exciting! Terry Taylor, the editor of a magazine which is put out twice a year for the Just William Society in the U.K., had been in touch with me a few weeks ago to ask if we could put together the story of my life. Daunting!

Not quite the whole story but a lot of it, starting with my being “discovered” as they used to say, on a bus in Chipperfield, and my beginnings as a child actor in wartime London with comedian Will Hay on BBC radio.

We performed the act for the King, Queen, and Princesses 4 days before the war ended. What followed was my being cast as “Just William”, and the downward spiral of my life as an actor to the present day. That’s 69 years! Here’s what he had to say:Continue Reading Tooting My Horn as JUST WILLIAM

Denied to me now, I’m afraid;  Judge Gold caused me to lose my Piper Cherokee 6.

However, that didn’t stop me from encouraging my son Ben to learn to fly it, and later – to keep him out of trouble and stop being a waiter – to consider a career in aviation.  That he did, became an instructor, married one of his students, and now flies international for Delta with four stripes.  We don’t connect any more, but I hope he’s taking care of his crews and minding his Ps and Qs.Continue Reading To Fly Again…

My best Christmas present was from my fellow cadet shipmate of 57 years ago, I’ll just call him Nick, who contacted me from Vancouver as a result of reading the article I wrote in Wikipedia about the Silver Line.  Together, there were 4 of us, we tramped around the world very slowly, (to and

Sad news today.  I think he died of heart failure caused by stress. The stress he was put through by countless critics of his life style. He was forced to leave this country by media hounds baying at his heels.  Now these same people, are wringing their hands, hearts breaking with the love they profess to

July 4, 2007

My morbid self finds regular amusement in the obit columns of the London Daily Telegraph. Always enlightening, my favorites are learning of the exploits of newly deceased members of HM forces from the Second World War, and dead members of the theatrical profession.

George Melly I vaguely met from the side-lines during

July 17, 2006
I read today in a health report in the LA Times, that if 70 is in the rear-view mirror, which it is, I shouldn’t feel guilty if I’m skipping the gym, the daily workout on the tennis court, the few laps in the swimming pool, practice drives at my home-built driving range,