To conclude the episode on the sale of the family home, the estate was sold just after 9/11 at the depressed price of $1,700,000 (5 acres, lighted fake Wimbledon grass tennis court, designer solar heated swimming pool, guest house/production offices and studio, separate remote writing studio, greenhouse, gardens, horse corrals, 5 car garage, 20 car paved parking, large koi pond, 5000 gallon water tank, and secured by a gated barbed wire chain-link fence secluded next to the park with a view all the way to Catalina). My opposing attorneys got upwards of $400,000 to be paid as “sanctions” against me and taken out of my escrow by court order (looked better than saying I was simply paying their fees, I guess.) and the Franchise Tax Board kept $200,000 because our accountant did not claim this refund before the statute ran out.
I got a check for $2,616.03.
And I got no chance to challenge this result, because the judge foreclosed my attempt to get the court of appeal involved over his refusal to grant me a stay with a security bond because he set it at way over a million cash-only dollars as security.
Then his court signed all the documents in my shoes when I refused to do so, thus the money was taken without my knowledge or consent out of the escrow, and the escrow company did not copy me with the pay-out schedule, feeling they had no obligation to do so as I did not sign the contract of sale. Oh, and about $230,000 worth of my stuff was criminally looted from the house because I was forbidden to go near the property while it was on the market under the supervision of Lynn. And another judge in Santa Monica civil court, name of Paul Flynn with a handlebar moustache, refused to let me mount a case against Coldwell Banker and their agent Melissa Oliver, the Maggarts, the new owner, and others, the people I had good reason to believe were in league and the culprits, so that I could enforce and conduct my own investigation, seeing as the D.A. refused to do it. This judge even sanctioned me for daring to litigate in the first place, and ordered me to pay the defendants’ legal fees in a hearing which I did not attend, because he had lost his jurisdiction in a legal peremptory challenge I had brought against him in my first appearance in the case.
Finally, I tried to buy the guest house and its surrounding land and pond where I could keep my possessions, and park my vehicles. My offer was turned down, and Melissa Oliver, who represented the sale of the residence, convinced the court to approve the sale to her friend Linda Gindowt, another Topanga real estate agent, who now lives there, at a much lower price than my offer.
And in New York, Judge Gold gave my Osborne apartment across from Carnegie Hall, which I had owned for over 30 years, to Lynn as her residence. The Osborne Board still refuses to give me a copy of the transfer because, I believe, of a forged signature, I did not sign that either. Lynn bought a house in Connecticut, where she now lives, so she gained not a residence, but an extra asset.

So they ALL got what they wanted. Me, I spent the next six months living in a trailer.