Hello! This is my Christmas present to myself, my brand new blog-site. The greatest invention since, well, since before sliced bread. And it’s not for actors only.
From now on, nobody will be allowed to bad-mouth me, either in the press or the courts or anywhere else, without first checking me out on this site! Not, that is, if they wish to retain an iota of brain, common-sense, or fair play. Or even, perhaps, avoid a lawsuit, depending upon who you are and why you are behaving that way. This innovation in the field of mass communication arrives, for me, just in time.
And today I feel angry.
It is now six years since one Nicolette Hannah, looking for money, called a lawyer one James Eliaser, Esq., and together they filed suit in Los Angeles Family Court for no good reason other than self-enrichment.
Being a Celebrity Family, the filing was picked up by, of course, the National Enquirer, which caused my wife to file for divorce to avoid the threat to our finances after first “outing” me to the London Times, (who never sought corroboration from me), which then got picked up by People Magazine who embellished the story with unsupported facts.
Thus, the end of a creative and artistic partnership, and the start of cancer.
Get it here, not at The E-True Hollywood Story, or Celebrity Justice, or the Daily Mail, or Larry King Live on CNN. Never before told, except on the massive pre-trial, trial, and post trial public records in the Halls of American “Justice” (my quotes), and who looks in there except when it suits them? Why, not any of the above.
This is the story of how my beloved wife of 32 years, Lynn Redgrave, walked out on me, literally and figuratively took our five children with her, and got me evicted from my beautiful home in Topanga Canyon. And how she secretly brought in her long time lover Brandon Maggart and his sons, to take my place in a home which I created and maintained for 22 years.
This is the story of how I reached out to the American Civil Court system for protection from the madness of Queen Lynn and her retinue. Little did I know then that the judge had Mr. Eliaser working in his own law firm years before, little did I know of the judge’s own dark past until after the carnage was over, by using due diligence at the Los Angeles Hall of Public Records.
This is the story of the loss of perhaps six million dollars of the family estate, and the children’s inheritance. Of how the court froze our stock market investments at the top of the market in 1999, and sold our real estate at the bottom of the market right after 9/11. And also the story of how the original complainer got nothing, and a remarkable little boy called Zachary lost his father and his siblings, but gained a plumber.
That no media has stopped to call me for my version, to ask me even for corroboration of their purported facts, is unpardonable and unprofessional.
You will learn here how the Press works.
You will learn here how the Courts work.
You will learn here how Celebrity works.
You will learn, as I did, what your rights are, and how you can lose them through no fault of your own. Yes, this is America, and it could happen to you!
So here these stories, and more, begin today, the story of my six year journey into the unknown and into real fear, and how I have become a changed person.
You can join me if you wish, and if you don’t wish, well, I don’t really care about you either.
Please know that the entries are sorted by date, so that the latest entries are always on top. In the picture section, for a better understanding of how the story “How the Englishman lost his Castle, his Belongings and his Kids” unfolds, be sure to start at the bottom of the list. Sometimes, however, the real date is attached to the item, and the entry date is used only as a means to organize the material meaningfully.
I was born in Hampstead, London, England on November 1, 1932, which I believe makes me all of a Saint. My father was English, and my mother Danish. I was married first to Canadian actress Kay Hawtrey, then to celebrity English actress Lynn Redgrave, and now to a lovely Japanese lady, Miyuki, courtesy of the Internet personals web-site “My One and Only“. I have avoided American women, I don’t know why. I have fathered five children, and I’m told I have six grandchildren.
I began my professional career in 1944, and became Britain’s leading child star with “Just William” a Brit version of Henry Aldrich, right down to the “Coming Mother” intro. The BBC paid me 4 guineas a show, about $20, perhaps, because that was their policy for juveniles, a bit part or a star, made no difference. Later, with the military draft beckoning, I decided it was time to discover who I was, and so I roamed the seven seas, anonymously, on tramp steamers during most of the Korean war. I also discovered Canada and then America, and the showbiz life beckoned. But first it was Canada because America would want to put me in their draft system.
In Toronto, where all the action was supposed to be, I auditioned a lot, and wound up conducting my own weekly talk and interview show “Junior Magazine” on the CBC television network for 4 years, and became a Canadian citizen. It paid me $150 a week.
It was time to emigrate again and restart yet another showbiz career, this time, at last, to America, where the money was supposed to be.
Fast forward 45 years.
I am a member of the Directors Guild of America, The Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Actors Equity, Screen Actors Guild, and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. I am also a paid up member of British Equity, Canadian Actors Equity, and the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists.
My politics? Well, I have never voted in an election, because I think actors should not align themselves with a “group think” approach to anything, except their work. But if pushed, I would vote for Bush, I like his readable face. I think he’d make a great talk show host, like Jack Paar.
I consider myself to be a Director, a Producer, a Manager, an Actor, a Script Doctor, an Acting Coach, a Drama Teacher and an Educator. And now I want to be a Journal-ist. My hobbies are cooking, flying, photography, the stock market and my HP computer.