In less than 45 minutes yesterday, just before the usual dreaded down day close, Wall Street, as expressed by the Dow, went up 4%!

45 minutes? A concerted effort by market makers (aka “they”) is what this was. A scientific forensic investigation should be mounted to find out how it is that a huge market can act with all participants in concert with each other.

Assume you’re a bear, like most hurting knowledgeable people are. Unless one has the money to be a “fundamental short”, it means put options. And how does the market fix it? Well, for one thing try and get a 3-month-out-option, the preferred one in terms of price and the ability to survive one reversal. They are simply not available. You are forced to either buy a 2 month out or a 4 month and longer, which are expensive. Why is this true (except for very active stocks)?

It’s called artificial rigging. Nothing to do with government, or regulators. “They” do it because “they” can, and “they” have insider knowledge, and work like a gang. And “they” are stealing our money, uncaught. Oh to have the privilege of roaming the floor of the stock exchange!

One could laugh it off by saying that Wall Street is wanking (masturbating) in a lengthening and expanding trading range, to a fantasy of future prosperity. The drop (droop?) will come for the mass orgy of the world’s participants.