A wealthy farmer had a chicken coop that a fox would unpredictably raid, grab a chicken, and disappear into the woods. The farmer tried to catch the fox, but it was too wily. The chickens always squawked at each other when they thought the fox was nearby, and the fox would always fake his entrance to fool the chickens. He would patiently wait until the farmer and chickens could not predict his moves. The cunning of the fox exasperated the farmer, so he devised a plan. He told the chickens to stop their squawking and be quiet. Also, they were to always congregate together, so when the fox entered the coop,the fox would be disorientated by their silence, and they could all pounce on the fox to ferociously peck at him.
The following morning, the chickens told the farmer that the fox had been successfully repelled the previous night by following his instructions. However, the next day, the farmer was surprised to discover that all of his chickens were gone. The farmer asked his horse for an explanation.
The horse explained that the chickens had become wiser by stopping their squawking and working together. They had learned how to escape the chicken coop through the fox’s entrance and be free in the woods. The horse pointed out that the core issue was not the fox, but how to escape being roasted and put on the farmers dinner table.
Moral? Think fox=smart opponent, farmer= smart lawyer, coop=Family Court, chickens=GUESS WHO.
Me? I’m the horse.