Ironic.  Growing mobs are descending on Wall Street protesting the huge amounts of money being made by insiders and professionals. Let’s have a look at Apple, and the lack of transparency on its inner workings, and how Steve Jobs protected his health problems, and how that effected Apple’s stock price.  Rumors caused it to jump around, while only insiders (call them friends) had the knowledge of how and when to jump in with leveraged trading.

Moving on, what now?  Check out what happened to Polaroid (Edwin Land, and the blue chip which recently went bankrupt), or Disney when Maria Bartiromo’s father-in-law tried to make a run on the ailing company (Walt Disney, and the company came back with renewed energy) or Kodak (George Eastman, and as we speak, the blue chip company nearing bankruptcy).

Time is near when there will be a sea-change in the technology of how computers will be run and their operating systems changed – using light beams, perhaps, and the next innovator will be on the scene. Then watch what happens to AAPL.  Goodbye.  But as an “investor” friend of mine breathlessly told me, I ain’t gamblin’ and goin’ short…because…because…the pot of gold lies in WHEN!