This letter was sent by Federal Express
Date: February 11, 2004
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,
Government and Government Reorganization
JUDICIAL INTEGRITY can come under this heading because governors accept applications by invitation from any seemingly qualified people to become judges (application forms available on the Governor’s website), and appoints new judges into the California judicial system.
Some incredible people manage to creep in by concealing important information about themselves.
One such person (still around as a private judge) was Judge Arnold Henry Gold, who applied and was accepted by Governor Deukmejian 9/13/1988, elected 1990, reelected 1996.
He became the terror of LA Family Court, many of his pro per victims referring to him as the “Saddam Hussein” of the bench for good reason, such as
Removing children from their innocent mothers and putting them into the hands of their proved (by DCFS) sex abusing fathers (Clarke vs. Cowles case B146948).
Removing a child from the mother for no good reason (Katz vs. Katz case B147987).
Incarcerating defendants for a day to cool them off before representing themselves pro per next day at trial (Redgrave vs. Clark case BD 296320), and after trial ruling that defendant Clark should be evicted from his home and pay all attorney fees. Kickbacks were very possible from these attorneys in laundered form, and it should be noted that the judge retired immediately afterward, beyond the reach of any overviewing agency.
Before trial, he concealed the fact that one of those attorneys he later awarded out of escrow funds worked with him in his private law offices.
Later investigation by this aggrieved pro per at the Hall of Public Records of this incredible behavior, revealed that Gold was found by Judge Marvin A. Freeman in his “Findings of Fact” to be guilty of domestic violence, mismanagement of family funds and maintenance of a mistress in the presence of his children, in his personal divorce hearing (before “fault-free” divorces), filed and signed by the same family court February 25, 1969 in LA Superior court (Gold vs. Gold case D718500).
Five years later, the record reveals, Gold came to a stipulated settlement with his wife. Which included taking possession of the home and custody of the children, and ending support. The court asked his wife whether she knew what she was giving away. She said she couldn’t fight him any more, and was just “giving up”.
This information would not have appeared in his application.
If it had, he would never have become a judge under the still prevailing rules of the Canon of Judicial Ethics, and many members of the public would have been spared the results of his heartless rulings.
Chief Justice Ronald George has been apprised of these facts, yet continues to assign his old cases to him, and ignores the history.
Judge Gold served as an interim justice in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, and has many friends in the judiciary, and has written many books about law. The chance of justice peeking through was remote. The mutual protection of fellow judges would make denizens of the Rampart Police Division proud, in my opinion.
We the public look to the “fresh government eyes” of Governor Schwarzenegger to make sure this judicial application abuse cannot happen under his governorship, and perhaps might even hope that Governor Schwarzenegger speak openly and publicly about this.
Then perhaps these cases can be opened up again, and similar abuse can never happen under any governor.
A very large additional point being that the public will avail themselves of the chance to appear self-represented before the family courts where no jury is utilized by law, IF they have the certain knowledge that the judges assigned to their cases are truly “clean” and free of past domestic abuse problems.
This, then, will in turn lead to the system working better, and cost less.
And litigants will be more accepting of their fates before the findings of their courts without the feeling that their lives have been destroyed in the course of their constitutional rights being violated.
In Pro Per
February 11, 2007
Exactly three years have elapsed.