I feel like the family has been in a cocoon for some years.

Now there has been a life-change, and I’m proud to reintroduce my kids that I had with Lynn:

Kelly is now PEMA CLARK, and emerges as a singer song-writer. With the band she has formed, SIREN, she has put out an album called VORTEX, with the help of my first son by actress Kay Hawtrey, Jonathan Hawtrey Clark, who produced the album.  He’s a screen-writer who lives in Dublin.  Their website is called SEASONGMUSIC, and you can find her on YouTube.

ANNABEL CLARK is a successful photographer in New York.  Here’s her website showing some of her beautiful pictures.

CAPT. BENJY CLARK. No, he did not follow his parents into the business, and he is NOT an actor on Pee-wee’s Playhouse.  He is in fact Captain Ben Clark, flying East Coast short-haul for Delta.  He tells me he is back at the manuals, boning up on bigger equipment to go international. He has always yearned for bigger equipment. That’s my Benjy.  Delta is a great company to work for, he tells me.

So, all-in-all, forgive me for boasting about my new-found family.