Miyuki and I sneak on to my property, thanks to my sweet old neighbors who let me hacksaw the padlock on a small connecting gate through which I used to send Annabel to collect their fresh-laid eggs. At the risk of discovery and arrest, we look around. It’s coming on to rain. There on my lawn is my 8 inch reflecting telescope. I’d been teaching my kids astronomy, a hobby of mine. You can spot most of Jupiter’s moons with it, and Saturn’s rings on a dark moonless Topanga night. Expensive “toy” now, obviously, of the goon caretaker; he’s left it out in the rain, and he’s not there. We take a good look around. My first thought is that with all of the destruction to the character of my place, the new owner has no taste. Then I find out who it is, there’s his name on an Igloo sitting on the floor of the tool-shed. Katleman. But isn’t he a fellow member of my Directors Guild, with a famous father? I am appalled. House isn’t sold, yet, is it? Is he staking his claim, prior to escrow closing?
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