I went back to my gate which is now closed, and this is what I see. Jon Saver, ready to drive out. The gates open. But I had already called for the police to come, and Miyuki is behind me waiting for them.
So I stood in his way, like the brave student at Tienanmen Square, his tank-like SUV ready to run over me. Adrenalin would have taken care of the pain, but he didn’t have the guts or the stupidity to do it.
Then the cops arrived, spent a few seconds with me, a few minutes with Lynn, then curtly told me to leave.
That evening, Miyuki and I went to the Lost Hills sheriff’s station to file a complaint, obtain a police report, and get the names of the police who came. I got nothing, other than an order to leave or I’d be arrested for trying to file a false report. Celebrity favors? Thank God for witnesses, even if only Hostile Witnesses.
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