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This will help you better understand what is happening when you read court documents. There are so many obscure words and phrases, some in Latin, and it is not possible to deal with them all. One cannot avoid thinking that it is in the interest of the legal profession to keep us pro ses as ignorant as possible.
You will find, inter alia, a useful word of Yiddish origin that you will often have reason to utter in total frustration. You will feel better, and you know it will be completely understood by others, especially jewish members of the legal brotherhood. But usually say it under your breath, especially in court!
Another is the name given to a motion often filed by your attorney after you’ve fired him.
Another deals with contracts, and how you can get hurt by your own agent or manager or attorney who didn’t take enough care.
Another deals with defamation.
Also, let me recommend a great encyclopedia to enlarge your knowledge beyond what I can do; type in a legal word (or any word or concept), and you get the most in-depth explanations I have found anywhere on the web, in any language, yet! Its name is Wikipedia.