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Since I started this site, I find there have been some excellent websites to find helpful information.

Here’s a new one I just received.

Click on, which will link you to places for up-to-date information you may need, no matter where you live.

I’ll be happy to list others, and will hope for a contribution so that my site can continue to flourish.


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Please be aware that this site tries to be useful and helpful, without sponsors or advertisers. There is no source of income, and in order to keep it going, please, please donate something.

Donate to my email, which is via paypal.

And, in advance, thank you. Thank you.

Anniversaries? Never mind the Titanic, how about Eadweard Muybridge.

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My youngest daughter Annabel, who took up photography, is reappearing on my radar I’m happy to say. Without any prompting, she’s joining the blog brigade, and I’m happy to link my readers to her website. Here, she chooses today to commemorate the 182nd birthday of the much neglected Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904). She shows the connection between him and the film business, for he predates Edison by several years, with his moving projections of a galloping horse and some naked models in the 1870s.  Come to think of it, he was using stereoscopic multiple cameras in much the same way that James Cameron does today. Yes, we certainly owe him!

Muybridge (birth name Edward James Muggeridge)  emigrated from England when a young man, and settled in the Bay area of San Francisco.  In his forties, he took to himself a young wife named Flora, and while away on one of his photography trips, probably shooting landscapes in Yosemite, or Eskimos in Alaska, or American Indians in Oregon, he returned home to find love-letters between her and another man. She had taken a lover, a Major Larkyns. Did she file for divorce? Did he go to California Family Court? No. This is what he did:

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The Self-represented fool

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This site is happy to publicize the work of Natalia Sidiakina, for the enlightenment of the public, and in the interest of attaining justice in this country (if indeed that is even possible.)

Link to many items on this subject here in "The Self-represented fool".