September 21

Another fine lunch with the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at Sportsman’s Lodge in the Valley. This time the special guest was my old enemy, Larry King. I call him my old enemy, because of all the hooha back when he wouldn’t have me on his show to give my side of the story when he interviewed my ex Lynn, way after the breakup, and scrolled nasty remarks about me at the bottom of the screen. So I sued him and CNN in Federal court, remember. (But it was probably the producers who make these decisions, not him.) See the left pane to learn how it ended with the Ninth circuit.

Well then was then and now is now, so I went up to him, offered him a beer, and now we’re friends. David Keeler snapped these pictures. Thanks, David.

Then I met an old English friend, Michael Jackson (no, not THE Michael Jackson, a more interesting one from my point of view), the famous, now unwanted – more’s the pity – voice of reason on our airwaves, at KABC for 30 years. We recalled the day a long time ago when he invited Lynn and me to his house for lunch, where we met his lovely wife Alana (daughter of Alan Ladd), and he proudly showed us his great collection of artwork from around the world. I was saddened to hear that Alana had suffered a stroke and that his job these days is to take care of her.

PPB lunches are always fun. They are looking for new members. You qualify if you’ve been in the business for at least 20 years (haven’t we all? The working ones, I mean.)

Here’s the website. Apply there. They’re always looking for new members, and you will need to be sponsored. Check the membership listing for someone you might know. And I think eligible widows and widowers will be welcome too.