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Radio Times now searchable

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The BBC’s Radio Times, published from 1929 to the present, has been digitized as a database, and is now searchable up to 2009. Just remember to put titles and names in quotes, or it will come up with each word individually. You can copy-edit it, just like Wikipedia, or add information if you know it. The curators will first check out your edits before accepting them. (Genome=Genetic makeup of an organism. Thus says the BBC.)


QUARTET (cont’d)

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Dustin spoke on stage after the screening with many funny anecdotes in the making of QUARTET, especially in his director/actor dealings with Maggie Smith, who has quite a reputation for being “difficult”, as does Dustin. He said they got along “just fine”.

He spoke of the minutiae of the producing/directing process, how he had little to work with in terms of budget, and had to complete it using his own money. He also spoke of his preferred director methods. Hates those who keep precise lists and set ideas of how actors and equipment should move, and likes those who arrive on set with very open minds.

I am second to none in my admiration of Dustin, who is 5 years younger than me, unwillingly became an unknown actor in his early twenties, while I unwillingly became a child star aged eleven. I not only admire his acting, but also his approach to his career, designed by himself. Just as conflict exists in the good story told, it exists in the good life lived. I think we share that approach.

I’ve talked here about the ways the actor can manipulate his senses and emotions, from the inside or outside, in the unending quest for a great performance. And about having no degrees of separation between you and yourself.

Agents and managers are tools. But here’s where that plan falls apart. If you are a star, an icon like Dustin, you can do it. If you are a star like Lynn Redgrave, you can also do it (with my help). If you occupy the lower depths, like me these days, you will become the tool of those same agents and managers. The tail wags the dog.

The almost legendary story of the Agatha production in 1979 is worth telling here, only because he brought it up at great length. As a matter of fact, he chose to bring up Vanessa’s behavior too, recalling her unpopular political dance with PLO honcho Yasser Arafat. He held his nose, as though to say “Vanessa didn’t notice this?” And of course, it didn’t help the marketing of the movie.

Dustin had been invited to join Barbara Streisand, Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman who had set up their own producing company First Artists Productions. They felt that they were the most important part of movies because they were the draw, and were seen onscreen (probably true). Besides, they didn’t trust the majors’ accounting practices (definitely true), and wanted to choose their own scripts and have approval of directors, casts, writers, and final edit. They invited Dustin in with his own production company Sweetwall Productions. The second to involve Dustin, this was their 17th, Agatha.

It was beset with problems from the start. Julie Christie bowed out for health reasons. Producer David Puttnam (now a life peer) was upset he had to accommodate Dustin into what he thought was a finished script and also bowed out, (but first vowed never to work with this “difficult” actor again.) Dustin, by then executive producer, had gone over budget, and so the company took his control away. Dustin claimed he wasn’t paid in the agreed way, and insisted on maintaining control all the way up to final cut. Recently hired lawyer Phil Feldman had come in as president and chief executive officer though, changed the conceptual field, and got himself sued by Dustin for 30 million dollars, which was the amount Dustin claimed for his fee, plus what he put into it, plus the amount he claimed the movie would have made if he’d been left alone. Trust lawyers to fix things, right?

Anybody who thinks that major stars are loving warm human beings are just plain wrong. They lord it, often unyieldingly, over their individual turfs.

Anyway, it became clear that the presence of Agatha director Michael Apted approved by Agatha actor/producer Dustin Hoffman, this night was not without purpose. It was a time for digs, and they flew. But Dustin also graciously congratulated Michael for the success of 56 Upthe continuing follow-up of his Up Series examination of cradle-to-grave British lives.

The time came for the Q & A, but there were no microphones available for audience participation, and so an actor in the front row got up and joined them with his actor question. Then I decided it was my turn. I put up my hand, and Michael asked me up on the stage, and so it was that I shook hands with Dustin.

I said that he and I had worked together some 50 years ago, but it was not as actors. It was in the kitchen at Ted Flicker’s The Premise on Bleecker Street, where we made the coffee, served the refreshments and cleaned up afterwards, while his friend Gene Hackman was improvising along with George Segal and Joan Darling up on the platform.

“You”, said I, “went on to become the iconic star that you are, and I went on to become Vanessa Redgrave’s brother-in-law, and then a director. And come to think of it, didn’t Vanessa get into the litigation act too? I have vague memories of that.” He looked a little stunned.

At which point Michael hurriedly asked me to move on with a question, which was “Now that you’ve crossed the aisle into the director’s corner, will it have changed you when you next act in a movie?” To which he replied that he wasn’t sure, but it would certainly make him more sensitive.

[As I left the stage, I couldn’t help but recall an essay I had written for the L.A. Daily journal. In it, I reflected that I’d studied acting technically from the outside (British, Canadian) inside (U.S. the Method, Lee), and then ventured into the theater of the truly absurd, the inside of a courtroom, not pretending real life, but actually doing real life, villains and crooked deus ex machinas and all. I thought I bet Dustin or Pacino or De Niro wouldn’t dare go that far. Maybe I’m ahead of ’em. Yup, foolish, and I’m proud of myself!!!]

And so a great evening came to an end.

Go and see Quartet. I think you’ll like it.

Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters

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September 21

Another fine lunch with the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at Sportsman’s Lodge in the Valley. This time the special guest was my old enemy, Larry King. I call him my old enemy, because of all the hooha back when he wouldn’t have me on his show to give my side of the story when he interviewed my ex Lynn, way after the breakup, and scrolled nasty remarks about me at the bottom of the screen. So I sued him and CNN in Federal court, remember. (But it was probably the producers who make these decisions, not him.) See the left pane to learn how it ended with the Ninth circuit.

Well then was then and now is now, so I went up to him, offered him a beer, and now we’re friends. David Keeler snapped these pictures. Thanks, David.

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This is an interesting new website which allows you to look up many thousands of famous names, and learn a few things about them they probably would prefer you did not know, such as Larry King, and others who want you to know everything, such as Al Goldstein. Yes, it’s gossipy, it’s fun, and it’s free.

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Internet Movie Database
Click here if you can’t remember what movie you saw but remember the actors in it. Great for cross-referencing actors and titles. And you can become a critic and publish your review here too! Unfortunately, the films you see on your TV seem to have their cast lists struck, or rendered unreadable in favor of a commercial or promo, and shame on the cablers who do this, yes, you HBO and TCM and FMC and AMC and etc. etc. And shame on the unions for not trying to do something about it.
You will also find Lynn Redgrave, and please remember that I had a hand in virtually all of her credits over the space of 32 years.
You will even find John Clark if you want to look at his skimpy credits.

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Can’t resist this one
Here is a link to my ex-wife’s site. I set this up for her years ago before it was a popular thing to do, hence we got the name “redgrave” as a kind of family generic name.
Here’s a fun game to play. See if you can find me anywhere. I feel like “Waldo in Hollywood”.
Lynn’s Offical Website

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American Institute of Philanthropy
Why does this belong here? Well, because part of every star’s public face, both up-and-coming and established, is the pressure that maybe he or she should get involved with a charity of some sort. The publicist would surely expect the client to do this, if only as a “career image helper”. But caution is advised.
I think about 35 bucks will get you a membership to this organization, and there you can learn a lot about charities, which ones have followed through, and which seem to be merely a front for the staff to take most or all of the donor money. You will be surprised.
It’s interesting to note that few, almost no, stars really get to stay involved with their charities. The ones who do, and who make sure that all or nearly all of the money goes where it’s supposed to go, are the performers who find themselves stricken by the disease they are promoting. Perhaps their performing careers are over or nearly over. Obvious ones coming to mind are Christopher Reeve, and Michael J. Fox. I would hope to see Lynn Redgrave getting behind the drive to raise funds for Breast Cancer, but of course I also hope that she will continue to work in her career.