The Larry King case (more)
This morning I appeared before the judge and argued my case against dismissal under the California SLAPP provisions.
As usual for the likes of me, short on cases, on Authorities. But maybe too long on Points.
However, I don’t like the idea of recounting what happened; I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is not a nation of Laws, but of Judges. The idea that one can tee off a judge so that he rules against one is abhorrant to me. But then, I’m from England.
So, for now, I shall wait and be patient and see what he rules. He will either dismiss the case, or let me file again, this time with more citations.
I will say that I felt more comfortable in a Federal Court than in a California State court. It’s more relaxed, and the judge sounded interested and spent time, and you get the feeling that you will get a fair shake and not a shakedown.