Monday, April 26, 2010.

So our revered "Supreme" Court let it be known today that they weren’t in the least bit troubled by Richard Fine’s imprisonment, now for over a year in solitary at Los Angeles’ notorious Men’s Central jail, nor for the loss of his license to practice law.

The order, issued today under case number 09A827 (09-1250), states

FINE, RICHARD I. V. BACA, SHERIFF, ET AL. The application for stay addressed to Justice Ginsburg and referred to the Court is denied.

So now what is our answer to those other powers who jail their political prisoners? For make no mistake, that is what Richard is. Do we practice what we preach? Are we stain free? This will make Americans sick, a cowardly response to the lower courts’ intransigence. I hope a band of "ladies in white", headed by his daughter, will patrol outside the jail, until justice is seen to be done.