First we had the Catholic Church, then Penn State; now the Boy Scouts of America scandal is coming out, and next you will be hearing much more about the massive coverup of abuse going on in the family court system, supposedly our court of last resort, but in reality all too often, enablers of a continuing crime perpetrated on our children.

The news media has been struggling for relevancy the last few years, but now it looks like they are getting back into the front line with Abuse News.

Whistle-blowing is a dangerous sport for the individual, but not so for the powerful media, which has the same built-in constitutional guarantee of free speech, and knows how to enforce it.

It’s refreshing to see that Fox is redeeming itself by leading the way. (Rupert Murdoch has much to redeem . . .)

The news division is currently running a new series of inquiries into how the Family Law courts of this state (California) are handled. It’s called LOST IN THE SYSTEM.

They came up with a great whistle-blower, a State Court Judge, of all people. Her name is Deann Salcido, and she spoke with Fox News about the inner workings of the San Diego courts, and what goes on behind the bench.

The subject was Child Sexual abuse. She reports on her 40 hours of special training, on the practices of Child Protective Services, and how the role of the mother/accuser is downplayed, and in many cases ignored. How the courts become enablers on behalf of abusers is quite horrifying, and has even led to murder. Here’s the interview.

Of course, she was censured by the Commission on Judicial Performance, and fired.

Here’s another whistle-blower case:
Former family court mediator, Emily Gallup has won a  wrongful termination lawsuit against the Nevada County Superior Court.  After three full days of deliberation, a Sacramento jury voted that the court  was guilty of retaliating against Ms. Gallup, and she was awarded $313,206 in total; $40,000 for pain and suffering and the remainder for lost wages and future income. Click here for her story.