Sterling Norris, an ex-D.A., was perhaps best known for going after the criminal behavior of serial killers, the best-known of them being Ted Bundy.

Now he works for Judicial Watch, the public interest watchdog that looks after the best interests of the common public.

This time he seems to be going after the (alleged) criminal behavior of our judges in the California system of judgeships in Superior Court.

Read his letter and attached brief addressed to D.A Steve Cooley.

Cooley – April 13, 2011[1]

But here’s a thought…   Will Steve run again?  Will he care to undertake this huge responsibility during his endgame?

We got part of the answer.  He will not run again, and is endorsing his second-in-command, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jacqueline Lacey, as “the most qualified leader to run the nation’s largest local prosecutorial office.”  He says he has “complete faith in Jackie’s skilled leadership and commitment to the office’s mission,” and is hosting a fundraiser for her on June 9 at the City Club.

The part he doesn’t answer is whether she’ll pursue the case against the judges. Also, whether this played any part in his decision not to run again for a fourth term.