I offered this space to anyone who feels they have been abused by the judicial process here in Los Angeles Family Court.

Segalit Mcroberts (Lesserson), Petitioner vs. Los Angeles Superior Court, Respondent (Real Party in Interest, Steven Mcroberts)

Case number BD450081. COA case number B234877.

Now, it’s interesting, and I’ve been following it. Segalit got nowhere in the lower court for reasons puzzling to someone seeking something approaching justice and common sense, so I attended her hearing before the Second Appellate District Court, Division 3, on June 13th. where she had the nerve, the NERVE mind you, to sue the Los Angeles Superior Court. They did not bother to send a representative. I guess the Justices see themselves as the protectors of the lower court’s reputation.

I listened to her plea, her request really, which was to get the lower court to dispense with paid “professionals” and to heed third party evidence untainted by financial consideration. It’s available. It’s called “Hospitals.” It’s called “Doctors”. It’s called “The Police.” It’s called “Forensic Analysis”. It’s untainted by “Expert Opinions”.

Questions went back and forth between her attorney and the Justices high up on their perch. The Justices were J. Kitching, J. Croskey, and P.J. Klein. The upshot is that these children will be handed over to their father, an alleged perpetrator of sex acts on their children, next week on August 27th. for 30 days, without contact being allowed from their mother.

Segalit has used the tools available to her. I don’t think of a trial lawyer as a tool though (what is a “good” attorney, anyway, it’s a meaningless designation and a paradox). I mean the tools of her brain and her ears and her eyes, backed up by the power of good money well spent on publicizing the situation. A no-brainer. You’d think.

There are facts and there are opinions. Facts tend to override opinions. The best facts are those that can be corroborated by disinterested third parties. And by disinterested I mean parties that don’t have a financial interest in the outcome or the service.

I do not take sides and I don’t give legal advice. I can only speak of my experiences, and the experience of others, in life, where the rubber meets the road. I will give them, both sides, a platform from which to speak.

Segalit’s husband, Rabbi Lesserson, an Orthodox Jew, is welcome to use this space, of course. Let him speak up. The same goes for Child Evaluator Stan Katz.

I remember Mr. Katz and he has reason to remember me. He caused me to lose contact with my small son Zachary. I have the records from ten years ago, showing that he ignored my subpoena so that I could prove before the court that he withheld from me the false report prepared by my accuser’s attorney, unless he was paid $2,500. I have the record showing that Judge Arnold Gold abused his authority by ignoring this properly served subpoena, and subsequently kicked me out of my house when he ignored my subpoena of a real estate agent, then put me in prison overnight on November 1st, my 68th birthday, so my wife could raid my house.

The kid is now 22. I don’t hear from him. My friend Idelle Clarke, also operating pro per, through the same Gold lost her daughter Heather Cowles to her husband, another alleged sex abuser. He now has assumed full conservatorship over this adult girl, and still Idelle is forbidden to have contact with her. He has also bankrupted Idelle.

I wish I’d been able to attend Stan Katz’s divorce hearing last week. (Strictly for its entertainment value. I hope his wife did well.)

One might ask where and when the office of the D.A. will come in. Could this be a RICO, stalking the Halls of Justice? This is what Segalit has to say, her words, not mine.  It’s powerful:

Since the case opened in June 2010, the DA collected several pieces of evidence to support the criminal prosecution of Lesserson under California Penal Code 288 Lewd Acts with a Child, yet has not done so, leaving the children in danger by their perpetrator.
– The girls were interviewed separately at Stuart House in June 2010. Both girls corroborated each other in their disclosures.
– That same day, the girls underwent a forensic physical exam with the nurse, Sally Wilson. She diagnosed HPV genital warts on Rikki.
– Rikki was earlier that week diagnosed by her pediatrician, Dr. Elisha Hicks, with genital warts and Dr. Hicks also made a notation of Rikki’s disclosure of those warts, that her father and only her father touched her in the exact same location as her genital warts.
– Dr. Anderson, a forensic examiner of almost 50 years, having worked closely with law enforcement on sex crimes, interviewed both girls and reported credibility to their disclosures.
– Mother, interviewed by the DA, also corroborated a history over the years of the girls’ signs and behaviors which are highly indicative of sexual abuse (bedwetting/enuresis, anogenital problems/her vagina hurting in past after visits with father, monitor’s reports of girls stripping naked at father’s house, masturbating from young age when asked in therapy about sexual abuse, other incidences of the young girls sexually acting out, this is all in the context with their father being an ultra-orthodox rabbi which raises more concern). A further investigation to their therapists would yield greater information for the case.
– The DA’s office also has a copy of Lesserson’s journal which contains admissions to domestic violence and to putting on a “rabbi facade” to cover up his demons he is wrestling with (alcohol, fantasies of girls, feeling emasculated by women).
– Lesserson also has a record of domestic violence from 2006 and history of sexual assault against the girls’ mother.
– A picture of Rikki’s inner thighs, raw, sore and red was also submitted. It was taken the night she came back from her father and she was crying in pain. Rikki is willing to be questioned regarding this photo and what happened to her.
– Genital warts are caused by the virus, HPV. It is the most common sexually transmitted disease according to the CDC and is contracted by having a sexual contact with a person already infected with HPV, according to the CDC thru vaginal and anal sex, during oral sex and genital-to-genital contact, even when the infected person has no signs or symptoms. The CDC states rarely, a pregnant woman with genital HPV can pass HPV to her baby during delivery. Mother is willing to provide her medical records to show she has never had HPV nor genital warts in the birth canal upon Rikki’s birth for the very rare instance it could be anything other than from how Rikki disclosed she contracted it. However, in young kids, as Rikki at age 8, it is a strong sign of sexual abuse, even without her disclosure.
Whether or not the DA’s office makes a determination that the felony was committed, the victims, Rachel and Rikki, still have a right to a criminal protective order based on the evidence listed above. Under Marsy’s Law, the California Constitution Article 1, Statute 28, Section (b) confers our girls the right “(2) to be reasonably protected from the defendant and persons acting on behalf of the defendant.”
A ‘victim’ is defined under the California Constitution as “a person who suffers direct or threatened physical, psychological, or financial harm as a result of the commission or attempted commission of a crime or delinquent act.” (Cal. Const., art. I, § 28(e).)
If the DA’s office drops this case and sends the children to the family law courts, the children will lose their chance at being safe and will be at the mercy of where money overrides the case. The family law judge has currently dismissed any shred of physical evidence of sexual abuse in violation of Family Code Sec. 3118, and even though the sexual abuse was never conclusively proven wrong, flipped custody in violation of Family Code Sec. 3027.5, forcing the children to live with their perpetrator, no contact with mom, relying solely on Court Appointees, led by Evaluator Stan Katz without the judge ever talking with the girls. Judge will be placing the four children in father’s physical custody on August 27, 2012 and the girls will be sent to deprogramming “torture” camps to train the children to stop crying out for help against “sexual abuse”.
We need the DA to step in immediately to protect these children!

Finally, read her paperwork, as she put it before the court of appeal, and her feelings about the process.

As for my feelings, I express them clearly on this site. I don’t believe that ANY of a family’s custodial problems belong in a court of law, unless there’s serious violence or sexual molestation involved. In pre-trial proceedings, the action should not be subject to court rules, and the shenanigans of lawyers.

Because kids are involved, they should always, ALWAYS, be heard from directly, alone, in the judge’s chambers, and not with an attorney or a child “evaluator” or court reporter present. A good judge will study the demeanor of the child or children, and will question them looking for signs of parental alienation (but NOT as a syndrome!) That judge will have special training, and with a little luck will also be a parent or a grandparent. And then let the parents be brought in, especially one at a time, with the children still there. Let the judge observe and ask. Then have them leave, and let the “experts” and their clients, if any, be talked to by the judge, in the cleared courtroom, informally. Perhaps there will be a couple of specially trained judges who can be brought in just for that purpose in difficult cases, like this one.

Alienation without cause from either parent should be punished with jail time. And if there’s a crime involved, the venue should be Criminal Court. Otherwise, the parents should work out their own problems under the proper supervision, and sign a contract enforceable in the general Superior Court.

As for the COA in the current culture, they certainly lived up to their band of brothers reputation, their battle cry as they enter the fray, Kadima! Or, better, Henry V at Agincourt:



UPDATE: Wednesday, 29 August, 2012

To find out what happened on the 27th court hearing before Judge Cunningham, I see in this link to a site called Safe Kids International that the mother did not show up, and took her kids into hiding.

Not good.

She should beware, because I had a dream where this court’s enforcers were wearing pink uniforms, pink jackboots with stiletto heels, and the initials to Superiorcourt Specialists sewn on to their lapels. (At least, I THINK that’s what they stood for. I do know they were not agents of the District Attorney.)

The real ones in their black uniforms may find you, Sera, and then what? It happened to me (except I wasn’t disobeying any court orders which even the opposing attorneys admitted) and I wound up in Hollywood’s Twin Towers to “teach me a lesson” according to the transcript of the hearing before Judge Arnold Gold. I’m sure this can’t happen under Mitt Romney, right? In touch with the common people, right?

Then there’s the case I show elsewhere, of an old attorney and grandfather, stripped of his license, and forced to spend 18 months in solitary in Men’s Central Jail because he tried to expose judicial corruption, knew procedural rules, and disobeyed a vengeful court order. (Search for Richard Fine on this website).

There are those who will say that we all have to submit to “The Rule of Law”.

But when that law is MISUSED and ABUSED by the administrators of that law, well, the French went into Revolution mode and overturned the government. I don’t think that will happen in this country.

But many of its citizens take the law into their own hands.

Some with guns (far left or far right).

Some with money (far right).

Some simply by hiding from it, to avoid punishment from the courts’ tools.

This will get worse, before it gets better, sad to say. To these people in Family Court, provided they had good reason, I say good luck!


Here it is, 1 week later. Her friends were concerned about her disappearance. This has been published for the world to read:

When Sera did not return our calls her lawyer called the Sheriff’s department in Calabasas and asked them to check on the family. We waited for her at the Court,  she did not show.
That night the lights were on in her house, the kids bikes were on the front porch, the door was slightly ajar. There was 1/2 a cooked rice on the stove. The place was trashed and the family was gone.
The opposition at the Court seemed unconcerned about the children. What they were MOST upset about was the video of the children on You Tube entitled 2 silenced voices in which Rikki fired the Minor’s Counsel, Rikki said, [because she] point blank misrepresented the facts in the case to the Judge. In this video the girls describe the sexual abuses they were subjected to by their father and their deep concerns for the other children that live in his house.
Judge Cunningham ordered the children into the hands of their father the next day, that would be 8 children in one tiny apartment and with no contact with their mother for 90 days. On the 45th day they could make calls or something to her.
Judge Cunningham said the dad was not allowed to “tickle the girls” or “bathe them.” (That was an unbelievably weird cya [“cover your ass”] Order by Cunningham)
Who will enforce it?
There were discussions of “transport” to a Warshack “reunification camp” These camps are set up to brain wash and torture children claiming incest, into compliance with Court Ordered Custody arrangements such as Judge Cunningham’s orders in this case.
Warshack Camps: Social engineering of children at $40,000.00 per child … This is preliminary, there are facts that must be put together … We hope and pray this family is safe.

Well, they’ve had their say. Any chance that the other side wishes to contribute? I’ll provide the space for them. This is a free country, and they have their right to state their case, here. I’m waiting …

In Showbusiness, the sophisticated know that there is always a “muscle” in the wings, often hidden away somewhere. Is the muscle Judge Cunningham? I think not. The COA? I think not. I think the true muscle may yet come to the fore.

His name is the President of the United States. He can issue Pardons, or direct something to happen by Executive Order, if it’s in the best interests of the country and no one else is doing it.

I believe the White House was behind the immediate release from solitary confinement of the grandfather Richard Fine after 18 months in solitary for “Moral Turpitude” when he challenged a judge, but I dealt with that elsewhere. You can search for it.

National security, foreign policy, democratic American legal practices, and the integrity of our Constitution as revealed to the world on the internet is the President’s concern. He can override everybody.

Because he’s the muscle, working his strength quietly and without fanfare.

He’s also a constitutional law professor, a husband with a lawyer wife (both self-made from the middle classes), in touch with the “common people”, and the parents of two attractive girls aged 11 and 14.

And would like to get re-elected, right?