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This looks to be a doozer of a case. Here is the complaint, it’s about monopolistic practices alleged by AMD against Intel.
Useful for the purposes of seeing a Complaint in Federal Court very expertly put together by professionals.
AMD vs. Intel

John Cones, a lawyer, has written a well-researched book on the subject of how business is transacted in Hollywood, and what happened when things didn’t go as planned, although a cynic may wonder that things did in fact go as planned (the cost of doing business theory.) Buchwald, Garner, Welch, Newman, Hoffman, Brando, Beatty, Goldberg,

First interesting case of the new year, I’d say, about Defamation.
The Ninth, not unanimously, found for the defendants “as a matter of law”.
ESPN is a subsidiary of Walt Disney, Inc., and Knievel sued in State court in Montana, where he lives, and the case was later transferred to Federal court there.
Seems that

I’ve never met Martha Stewart, but I studied this case, and do I have an opinion? You bet I do.
The poor woman is suffering the shame and indignity of dispiriting confinement in a federal prison. And believe me, that is not a funny human experience, regardless of Leno/Letterman jokes. Will she rise above it,

March 7, 2005
While we welcome back Martha Stewart to the land of the living, and having just watched her triumphant televised speech to her assembled company, we are left with unanswered questions, questions which the press either doesn’t want to ask, or is too dumb to ask (no, not where was her missing electronic