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Our friend Richard Fine, (ex-Esq.) sat in one of the worst jails, the Men’s Central jail in Los Angeles, alone and ignored for a year and a half.  He believed in a cause, the cause of honesty and fair dealing by the exalted arbiters – Judges – who hold sway on the lives and well-being of our citizens.
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UPDATE Friday, January 14, 2011

Fine and his daughter Victoria need to get their act together.  If his 18 month coercive confinement in solitary is to have any meaning and a good result, we, his supporters, need to be kept informed. The latest information that I had was that he would be in court number 86 down at the Stanley Mosk courthouse at 9:30am, in front of Judge Ann Jones.  I went.  Nada. Nothing.Continue Reading FINE FINALLY FREED!

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You pitch an idea to a production company, nothing happens, and later you find your idea being used in a script.
What to do?
It’s long been established that you can copyright a manuscript, but not an idea. But wait!
Legal theory says that if you suspect that your idea has been hijacked, you can