This was the Grand-daddy of my cases, this started everything, and the filing downtown at Superior Court by James Eliaser, Esq. was intercepted by The National Enquirer, and the London Times, People Magazine, The Daily Mail, and so on and on, as could have been expected.
My readers are asked to put themselves in my shoes. First check out under “My Family”, the entries under Zachary, my youngest son.
There, you will see that Zach is a great kid, born under circumstances that should have enabled him to have a great start in life, but it was denied him by just about everyone for reasons that you should have been been able to follow, and more especially by the court who should have managed the case in a circumspect way.
Anyway, what follows is part of the court record, for I made sure to get it on the record in my case.
My first inkling that something was amiss was when I came across a note that Zach had scribbled to his young friends Sam and Hank (whom I did not know). I had recently employed Ernesto, my plumber, to re-pipe the little cottage with copper pipe. He had done so, but I was not then aware of his reputation with the women of Topanga.
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I inspected the little cottage, and came up with much graphic evidence of what had been going on. I questioned Zach further, and he then gave me the following letter which he had not yet delivered to his friends.
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Now I was as troubled as he was, for apparently he was expecting me to lead him and his friends and help them run away from their homes! Oh boy.
I decided upon the following course of action. If Ernesto and Nicolette wished to carry on together, it was no business of mine, but certainly they should not be doing it while the kid was in the house, just the other side of the wall. I resolved to meet with Ernesto where he worked, which was as the caretaker at Topanga’s Theatricum Bottanicum, the local theatre created by Will Geer. He did not know I was wired, and this is part of what I recorded.
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Judge Gold read this into the record during trial, and I thought he did it as a way to get it in, because certainly I had no right to be secretly recording our conversation. What I did not know was that he had plans to retire right after my second trial, the one with Lynn, which took place just a month after this one.
After his rulings, I lost Zachary, I lost my house, I lost most of my money, I lost most of my possessions, I appear to have lost my cases (but it’s not over yet) and now it seems I have lost all of my children.
Well, I’ve gained a new wife, and I’ve gained this new way to record the events leading up to it, for all to see.