This just in. A report dated June 16, 2012 made by a reporter named Leslie Brodie. It’s about a lawsuit alleging embezzlement of funds by, of all people, our ex Honorable Chief Justice Ronald George, out of the court system for his own private use.

I have no way of knowing the truth of the details, only that there is a lawsuit filed in Orange County concerning embezzlement amid the private activities of ex-justices and lawyers having fun together offstage.

Leslie Brodie’s report is here.

If there’s no truth to it, then this reporter is just a muckraker and she should be exposed, and George should speak up. If there is, well, let readers examine the paperwork, and decide for themselves. Hopefully, in their new role as champions of justice plus some investigative reporting, the L.A. Times will get involved, and publish details of the lawsuit. Me?  I’m just the messenger.