I don’t know Mr. Marciano, never met him, and I don’t wear Guess jeans.  I also have no interest (yet) in his run for governor of California.  So why do I bring him up here?

Because, folks, what he’s doing will be of enormous help to pro pers and pro ses everywhere, so pay attention.

He was in, and because of the heavy-handed actions of another gorilla judge in Los Angeles Superior Court, is now out, of a lawsuit, and it’s costing him a default judgment of millions of dollars which includes punitive damages. And by the way, I have no feelings about the merits of the case he got involved with one way or another, because it hasn’t come to trial, and I can’t examine it.

Unlike most self-represented defendants, he is a multi-millionaire (he and his brothers founded Guess? Jeans), so he uses powerful lawyers who smell his money and will work hard for him (maybe). Here’s what I know:

1. He is Jewish, not a wannabe jew like me, and like Madoff, not afraid to attack other jews. By that I mean that Madoff treated everyone as equals.

2. He is not a celebrity, so the celebrity factor is absent.

3. When he writes to Governor Schwartzenegger, he gets a reply, unlike me who was ignored.

4. Judge White will not dare send him to the Twin Towers to prevent him showing up for his court date, unlike what Gold did to me. On my birthday, too. Judicial abuse. Elder abuse. Terrorism run amok in Family Court, tolerated by the authorities. Unless you’re profiled as part of a socio-economic minority.

5. I couldn’t afford to sue Judge Arnold Gold. My lawyers took all my cash (over $600,000), and Gold evicted me from my mortgage free home to raise more cash which he then gave to the other side’s lawyers. He left me with less than three thousand dollars as my community property share of the proceeds, after looting my family’s inheritance. Read all about it on this site.

My life is too short, and besides, he already gave me a heart attack. And as a pro se, I would have continued to be treated with contempt by the American justice system, the media, and the L.A. Times.  I would have been thrown out of court, possibly to spend what’s left of my life on the sidewalk.

Marciano is suing judge Elizabeth White in Federal Court, and also accusing California Supreme Court Justice Ronald George of ignoring Constitutional guarantees. Ron George must be taking notice, and getting a little nervous, especially as Marciano hired Ron George’s son as his lawyer. Brilliant move. Hope it doesn’t backfire at the California Supreme Court level, George would have to recuse himself. Too obvious a conflict of interest.  Same goes for the Judicial Council, who oversee the ethics of not yet "retired" judges.  Stay tuned for this, could be a lot of fun.

So, read all about his Constitutional case on Marciano’s website.  It’s full of really useful information. Put it in your Favorites folder.  And remember, he’s paying millions to his lawyers, and the other side’s lawyers.  It won’t cost us a cent! We’ll be intellectual piggy-backers!

We applaud what he’s doing, and we support his cause. Let him know that we do, he supplies his personal contact numbers.  Let’s hope he’s successful with his appeals, reverses judge Elizabeth White, and gets into court so his case can be heard.  And if he’s still up for Governor, we might even vote for him. For sure he’d check new judge applications closely for their mental health, job suitability, and worthiness to be paid out of our tax dollars.


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