Anthony Pellicano was a very popular guy around Hollywood’s celebrity legal circles for many years, and for his safety remains in prison pending trial, where one is led to believe he is very happy to be.

He and 5 others were indicted for tapping into phone lines and selling information to whomsoever arranged for the activity, parties to litigation of course, through their lawyers.

A much delayed trial is scheduled to go forward next February 2008. The section of the law which is involved is RICO (see under Topics to the left), and one who got caught up in the enterprise is a prominent celebrity lawyer by the name of Terry Christensen. Now this Esq. is asking for a separate trial to take place PRIOR to Pellicano’s on the basis that he had nothing to do with the racketeering, after all, he only had 34 tape-recorded conversations with him, and paid him $100,000. Read about this HERE.

Meanwhile, a number of esquires around here are sweating like Rodney Dangerfield doing his act, except his was for show.