Is there a link, a connection, between what is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of U.S. involved combat, and what is going on in the French Open?
Tennis is my favorite game and I follow it. What has just happened in the men’s singles is a disaster for America. In the worst day since the 1968 open era began, 9 of the 10 U.S. entrants were immediately defeated in the FIRST ROUND, and the one remaining had to retire as darkness set in, to finish the match tomorrow (yeah, he lost too).
And don’t look to the American women to bail us out either. By round 3 (next day) they were all gone too except for Serena Williams, ousted later in the quarter-finals. As were the last of the U.S. reps in the men’s doubles, the women’s doubles and mixed doubles. A rout, to put it mildly.
Report from Paris
Tennis, or any athletic contest with warrior winners and losers, is a game of combat, whose very raison d’etre is that it is not a blood sport, like war, but a safety valve and a substitute for war. The will to win, however, is precisely the same.
Something seems to be happening with the U.S. view of itself. This is not a good sign.