The first of these two items was filed by the A.P., and run by CNN “The Most Trusted Name In News” [or at least, that is, the news we can trust them to give us]
BOULDER, Colorado (AP) — The Boulder D.A.’s office on Thursday said it spent $23,656 investigating John Mark Karr.
The tab included nearly $6,000 for business class tickets to fly the former suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey case and an investigator back from Bangkok, Thailand.
An outline of expenses shows the 15-hour flight from Thailand, on which Karr sipped champagne, dined on fried king prawns and roast duck, cost the county $5,925.

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Now let’s check out what the Cincinnati Enquirer reported today, in the commencement of courtroom action to find justice for little Marcus Fiesel.
David Carroll Jr.’s attorney, Scott Rubenstein, says the attorney for his client’s wife and co-defendant is interfering with his work.
Rubenstein filed a motion in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on Thursday asking the court’s presiding judge to stop Liz Carroll’s attorney, Adam Bleile, from interfering in his case. He also asked for an investigation into his actions.

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Rubenstein was appointed by the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office to represent David Carroll Jr., while Bleile was retained privately by Liz Carroll.
Bleile is accused of calling David Carroll Jr.’s mother, Debra Hounshell, in which he questioned the integrity of Rubenstein, the prosecutor, the judge and the proceedings in general.

Between Aug. 28 and Aug. 31, Hounshell wrote, Bleile called her several times and told her he was representing Liz Carroll for free; that Rubenstein, the prosecutor’s office and the judge were “all like family” and would work together to ensure that David Carroll Jr. would not get a fair trial; and that the attorneys were handpicked by the judge, so she should question their integrity.
Bleile said he is not working for free, but declined to comment further. She also wrote that Bleile told her he could recommend several attorneys who would take the case for free and he could arrange for the attorneys to contact her.
Hounshell added that Bleile “caused her to question the integrity of her son’s counsel, engendered great emotional distress and created a distraction to both her and (Rubenstein).”

Now I ask you, which item is of more concern to the public? The first is just stupid, to be ignored, but the second should be a cause for alarm, for it sets the beginning stage of the money grubbing trivialization of the issues. I hope this is a strong judge.
We can expect that the free appointed attorneys will be fired by their respective clients, who will then hire powerful free attorneys looking for professional credits, and maybe a book deal. Followed by jury members on the same track. So, if/when the media starts to spotlight the case – which cannot be before the trial starts – will it be just a question of time before Gloria Allred shows up? The one obstacle to this scenario is that there is not a single participant to the drama who could by any stretch be called “sympathetic”. The only one of those is dead.
Both stories should have a notice attached.