Royalty comes to Jamestown this week, to help celebrate exactly 400 years since its founding. It has been exactly 50 years since her last visit to this seat of American democracy, which connects to the form as we know it today.
As it happens, today is also exactly 62 years since I, as a child actor, had the heady experience of meeting her and her parents.
Personal memories
One takes the occasion to reflect on the importance of their continuing existence as a going concern, which for misguided reasons has taken on the shadow of controversy, and is very subjective and hard to pin down.
Royalty is, or should be, a standard and symbol reflecting non-political involvement in the affairs of a country, a neutral permanent statement of leadership that everyone can look up to and, yes, bow (or curtsy, depending on your God-given bent.) Here in America, nothing fills that bill of neutrality, not even the Supreme Court as we’ve come to find out. Perhaps “Speaker of the House” could do it, were it not for the fact that Nancy Pelosi, the current Democratic speaker, is anything but.
Leader Bush and leader Blair are on their way out, impatiently hurried along, to be replaced by other temporary political figures.
And so Queen Elizabeth becomes a borrowed permanent figure over here, looked up to with awkward envy. Long may the alliance last between the United States and the United Kingdom, because we really need each other.