I watched Vanessa tonight on CNN, fending off Bob Costas, the new heir apparent being groomed to succeed Larry King (note to CNN management: Please hurry.)
Dear old Vanessa. My favorite controversial sister-in-law.
She is all tangled up in her view of U.S. actions in Iraq resulting in the mis-treatment of Iraqi prisoners at Gitmo which she doesn’t approve of, because it’s “unlawful”. And, unfortunately, she didn’t have brother Corin with her to keep her arguments straight and clear (he has always been the political leader in that axis).
What she fails to understand is that in times of war, emergency measures are necessary, and this was one of them, and the last thing our government wants or needs is U.S. style “Law” and “Lawyers” to step in. Because they know where it will lead.
Vanessa has foolish courage, as she proved on the steps of the Academy prior to accepting her Oscar (her “Zionist Hoodlums” speech of acceptance, condemned or celebrated depending upon where you come from). Far better and less futile time would have been spent in her bravely arguing for the end of all wars, and the beginning of a civilization where we could all happily co-exist.
To point out that in uniform good people become murderers. That American and British “Heroes” are Iraqi’s “Terrorists”. That Iraqi “Terrorists” are their “Heroes”. That Mother Nature seems to have built into our species, the top of the food chain with no senior predators, a desire to kill each other, to wipe us all out like the dinosaurs, perhaps to make way for a higher level of intelligence.
To suggest that to survive, we have to find a way out of this blind and endless cycle which has continued through all the ages, and that now, with the internet’s homogenization of humanity, and the invention of ultimate weapons of mass destruction inevitably available to all, civilization has a chance.
To show that with international commerce and the rise of unstoppable free expression, each individual person now has the ability to no longer unquestioningly follow the dictates of national and world leaders into their chosen paths of war. We need to be asked first, and we, the people of the world, can say together a resounding NO THANK YOU.
And that there should be a rule of law, not ours of the Western World, not that of any one group, but at the top, a coalition of all countries (the United Nations with balls?) with a system of justice enforced out of The Hague, to which the United States and all others will submit.
[And, speaking of humanity, on a personal level, if she has a personal level, why she is unable to communicate with me about my daughter Kelly, whom she housed with her in London for a couple of years, and perhaps get involved meaningfully in her sister Lynn’s and our children’s misguided efforts to erase me in the Auschwitz of Los Angeles Family Court, who at least left me with my gold teeth intact.]