If the latest news proves to be true, then here we have another story of a pro se seeking revenge.
This is a breaking story of the tragic murder of a Federal Judge’s husband and mother, in her home, by a man who litigated before judges, and according to notes he left, believed himself to have received rulings that left him with no place to go. He was stopped by police in Wisconsin, and shot himself as he had planned.
We have to ask ourselves whether this had to happen.
These people do not start out as lost causes. And if that is a true statement, where is the effort to save them before it’s too late?
Of course there are mentally “unbalanced” people out there.
But one wonders what the pressures were that they encountered, leaving them with nothing to live for, that may have caused them to “cross the line”, and become unbalanced.
We are all responsible in some way.
J. B. Priestley wrote a play on this very theme, “An Inspector Calls”.