This report in the press has kept the City of Angels (aka the City of Angles) holding its breath the last week or so, and a huge search for this man took place when he disappeared. Now we can all relax.
Topanga resident Christian Julian Irwin, a Grammy-nominated music producer who vanished six days ago, has now been found. He was hospitalized after authorities said they discovered him sitting naked in a backyard creek in rugged Topanga Canyon. He disappeared before dawn last Sunday after making a frantic phone call to a friend in which he said he believed he was being pursued by Nigerians who had contacted him as part of an Internet scam, and sent him a worthless check. A fellow resident of Topanga Canyon saw him washing his jeans in the creek Friday afternoon and contacted authorities, said sheriff’s Captain Ray Peavy. Irwin was hungry and distraught, but otherwise appeared to be in good health. Authorities said there was no evidence that anyone was pursuing him.
This is NOT news, this is just normal Topanga Canyon behavior. It will probably not be reported in Ian Brodie’s local rag “The Messenger”, which proves it. Thank God I’m outta there!