George Burns said it best.

"Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made!"

Listen to it.

The media’s intent to embarrass him has ricocheted to the detriment of big business, the attraction of the public to the game of golf, and the loss of millions of dollars.

Thus, TMZ,  the National Enquirer, Mail online, Page 6, and its ilk, are the ones who should apologize, for they have together damaged the American economy.  The law of unintended consequences?  I know all about that.

Meanwhile, one continues to wonder at this society’s appetite for unremitting hypocrisy. The airwaves’ No. 1 popular show continues to be 2 1/2 Men, starring Charlie Sheen, which is all about his sexual exploits.

So, Tiger, stay with it and don’t feel depressed. Just think of media whore lawyer Gloria Allred sitting with her porn star client, demanding an apology too.  Frankly, I think you should employ a lawyer to demand apologies from these pretty ones, for the crime of shamelessly hawking their wares in front of you, knowing you would fall victim to their charms. I think it’s called sexual entrapment.

Funny funny. Says it all, and the humor of it will give you perspective, help you get back on your game, and us LOL.