Libby, a life-long lawyer and in bed with those who run this country, was indicted today by a grand jury on five counts; obstruction of justice, 2 for perjury, and 2 for making false statements to FBI agents. The Indictment.
He immediately resigned his office.
What interested me is that here we have a lawyer, who went to the usual lie school, learned how to dodge ethics and lie with impunity before a court, and then tried it on in front of a bunch of pro per/pro se jocks, as well as the FBI seeking information.
Trouble with lying before a grand jury, is that the jury is composed of between 16 and 23 people (this had 18) chosen from usually older, perhaps retired people with time on their hands and an interest in the law, and they are, every one of them, ordinary people, not judges or lawyers or politicians, and none of them make their conclusions standing behind advice from “professionals”.
And Libby the lawyer, giving his evidence before them, tried to lie, possibly relying on some kind of protection from the judge, and on his ability to manipulate the jury using the time-honored doctrine of “plausible deniability”. And the prosecutor, a lawyer himself, spotted it and according to his mandate, went after him. Successfully it seems, although the outcome remains to be seen.
Check out on Wikipedia what has happened to the use of the doctrine of plausible deniability over the years in connection with Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower, Clinton, Nixon, Reagan, and how those in top government have tried to use it, and see where it went for them.
The implications of today’s indictments are enormous, and the fall-out may get totally out of hand.
Because there are links from Libby, to Rove, to the Vice President, to the President, to the media, to the United Nations, and to the war in Iraq.
Because we the people are prepared to lay down our lives in the defense of our fellow citizens and our country in our president’s call to arms, because we believe in the integrity and veracity and true word of our leaders.
No question, most other countries will be viewing these events with glee, and there will be huge repercussions. For they too depend upon, and some suffer from, the United States Government exercising its might.