8 years.  Mostly in the courtrooms of the Wild West, could be straight out of Universal’s back lot.

To be representing yourself in these courts, well, you know the game of Tick-Tack-Toe, or in England, "Noughts and Crosses?

If it’s lawyers, you will be playing against experts.  Whatever move you make, they will always counter. At best to a draw.

And if it’s judges, you will always lose. They have all the moves, and make up new ones as they go along, if you try to outsmart them.

End of the day, you will be playing Monopoly. At least, that is how you will see the money, fake money.  Except it’s not fake. And if your judge feels unhappy with you because you play the "corrupt" card as I did with Judge Gold, he can exercise the Go To Jail option at any time, one day before your trial starts, even.