The Group of Eight leaders solemnly lined up with British Prime Minister Tony Blair today, and their joint statement read
“We condemn utterly these barbaric attacks.”
“All of our countries have suffered from the impact of terrorism.”
“We will not allow violence to change our societies or our values.”
“We are united in our resolve to defeat terrorism that is an attack not on one nation, but on all nations.”
“Those responsible have no respect for human life.”
“The terrorists will not succeed.”
“We shall prevail, and they shall not”.
And thus the lines of war are drawn . . . again!
It is time for our leaders to take a brand new and completely different approach.
Because this is about, not our side “winning” and their side “losing”, but about our joint survival.
That is, the survival of ALL of the world’s people, the species called homo sapiens, on the joint assumption that it is worth saving.
We need to seek accommodation with the “terrorists”. Because they are giving their lives too, for an agenda that has no end.
We need to listen, to be receptive to their voices, and get past the obvious knee-jerk reactions.
The lives of our people and the lives of their people depend upon it.
ALL of the world’s people now depend upon the wisdom of our leaders.