The liberals made argument during the Terri Schiavo case that Bush and the Feds were putting their noses where they didn’t belong, and that the state of Florida, through their so-called justice system, should make the rulings.
And during the national election of Bush, same thing, except now the Supremes were doing it too, making them an illegal function of government.
Interesting that in the Katrina Hurricane case, these arguments are stood on their heads.
Now Constitutional attorney specialists can have a field day. I want to hear them argue that the Feds did not belong in New Orleans either, and that they had no right to send in the army, and that people should have been left to die rather than become reasons to insult the memory of our Founding Fathers. The reputations and pocketbooks of constitutional attorneys are at stake here!
And so the United States of America, a law-abiding country, remains to be seen by outsiders as a source of amusement because of the banality of decisions made by its lawyers and politicians.
Such a waste of time and money.