The media is awash with this story of the aspiring student playwright turned killer. It appears that he had a good family, a bright and loving sister, and parents who came to America from poverty in Korea, to seek a new life and become part of the American dream.
LA Times family narrative
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He said his piece which is shot through with rage, and pain, and completed his awful deed by killing himself for closure.
Comments have ranged from the banality of the ignorant to the banality of the expert. One Hollywood wag wondered whether he had a deal with underdog NBC as the network of choice to send his package of photos, videos and 1800 word message that took beloved fictionalized violence (Friday the 13th et al) to a new level of reality show.
People should button the lip, hold up on the written word, and gaze in solitary silence at Cho’s image as if it were a mirror.
John Donne, the English seventeenth century poet, said it best.
Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee