The sea has always been a part of my personal history, thanks to 2 years of British National Service causing me to choose to ship out on the Silverwalnut for Silver Line back in the days and the waters of the Korean War prior to emigrating to the New World.
I was on the last voyage of the Queen Mary from New York to Southampton, and on the first voyage of the QEII (yes, as a passenger.)
So the sinking of the Sea Diamond held a special fascination for me. It has eerie echoes of the Titanic disaster nearly a century ago, hitting a rock instead of an iceberg, but with a better outcome.
It is instructive that, hungry for details, one learns to go to Wikipedia, because within a day there was more information there than any newspaper has been able to provide. And, one suspects, with more knowledgeable reporters behind the reporting, maybe some merchant navy types.
The story of Sea Diamond