Congratulations Roman Polanski, you won your libel case against certain media people about the incident in Elaine’s over your murdered wife.
You only got 50,000 pounds, and I bet your legal fees were many times that, but you made your point, and in my view the American approach which is to cut and run fast away from insult problems involving the expenditure of money is wrong, just plain wrong. Which explains and sums up many American’s definition and evaluation as an index of their own self-worth. It used to be good for at least a duel, but that was more than a hundred years ago. For us here in the USA, now it’s just about saving money, always the bottom line.
As for my libel case against Larry King and CNN, guess what? The Federal Judge was supposed to make a ruling over CNN’S motion to dismiss, so I might go forward in very early January of this year. He has made no ruling at all, still “under submission”, so I am still waiting. Six months. Is that the court’s message, to stop me from doing what is right? I have many times been almost ordered to stop fighting for my good name here in American courts, to cut and run, and by my own former lawyers too, but my core is British and the way is clear, and I have to go forward.
And, Roman, you were right to stay away from this country. The judge who wanted to put you away behind bars all those years ago is now dead, but believe me, you would not find any sympathetic jurists over here, they stick together like good Rampart Division cops, even when they are wrong, because they have the last word, and like the proverbial gorilla who sits on your favorite couch, they do it because they can.
I hope your enemies will pay your legal fees, that’s the British system for losers, one of whom was ex-patriot Canadian Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair. And as a sore loser, he made the astonishing post-verdict comment, “As a father of four children, one of whom is a 12-year-old daughter, I find it … outrageous that this story is considered defamatory to a man who can’t be here because he slept with a 13-year-old-girl and has been a fugitive from justice for more than a quarter of a century.”
Thanks, Mr. Carter, for revealing to us the “holier than thou” mind-leaping attitude of a narrow cheap media gossip. More important, you helped us learn that the media does not always have the last word, although you just made another cheap try.
So sleep well, Roman, and good luck in your future life.