This is about cooperation and the power of allegory.
The Brits helped the Russians, with the assistance of the United States and Japan, to save the lives of their seven unfortunate sailors. They were near death for lack of air in their mini submarine sunk and trapped amid snagged military paraphernalia on the sea-bottom off the Kamchatka Peninsula.
The hand of friendship was offered by these countries, it was gladly accepted no questions asked, and so the rescue cut through the political nonsense we live by today.
It’s hard to believe that this took place amid the vast military defense measures of the Russians in that area, near the scene of the shooting down of the Korean Airlines Jumbo jet Flt. 007 back in 1983.
Meanwhile, our shuttle space adventurers due back tomorrow report that there are observable signs of the mother planet’s approaching distress to do with degradation of the thin layer of air by which we all live and breathe.
The world’s entire population is at risk, and right now future generations can look forward to a very lengthy demise.
So who will come to our rescue? Can warring parties emerge from their differences and overcome mental limitations worthy of cavemen (sorry, cavemen, wherever you are!)
Our lawyers, who later become all of our judges and nearly all of our politicians and leaders, are at the bottom of our ills, because it is their training that says solutions lie in the corners of the winners and the losers.
Instead of where life exists which is in the much more interesting and fertile but little explored middle bit belonging to the formerly herdable masses.
Whatever force caused the demise of all life 250 million years ago, and the 100 million year life span of the dinosaurs ending in a celestial bomb about 65 million years ago – well, yesterday was the anniversary of the atomic bomb and the demise of 140,000 humans at Hiroshima. . . . . . . .
Are we smart enough to connect the dots?
Is Mother Nature getting impatient?
Can we have a global epiphany?