January 16, 2011

One senses that things are looking up today mainly, I think, because of upcoming changes in world leadership all around.

Chinese president Hu Jintao pays us a State Visit on Tuesday, bearing signs of flexibility.  Our own president Barack Obama promised change as part of his election platform, and is just the guy to be welcoming him to the White House.

In North Korea we have peace-making signs from president Kim Jong-il, possibly because he is turning over the reins to his son Kim Jong-un, who no doubt has some ideas of his own. And of course they want a piece of the South’s action.

Then we have president Fidel Castro, mellowing with age, who has already handed the reins over to his younger brother, now president Raul Castro.

Wouldn’t it be surprising if we find that this country stops marginalizing itself with its self-imposed title of Leader of the World, stops falling back on waving its superior weaponry like some schoolyard bully, and sits down as equals and partners with communists and socialists and liberals and conservatives?  Then we can do what we all do best and want most, which is to embrace and improve our families, our children, our grandchildren, our health, and our homes. That, we all have in common. And freedom to travel anywhere and everywhere will be restored after nearly a century of restrictions.

Thank you internet!