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Fox News Blows the Whistle and Leads the Way

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First we had the Catholic Church, then Penn State; now the Boy Scouts of America scandal is coming out, and next you will be hearing much more about the massive coverup of abuse going on in the family court system, supposedly our court of last resort, but in reality all too often, enablers of a continuing crime perpetrated on our children.

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Tooting My Horn as JUST WILLIAM


Hey folks, this is quite exciting! Terry Taylor, the editor of a magazine which is put out twice a year for the Just William Society in the U.K., had been in touch with me a few weeks ago to ask if we could put together the story of my life. Daunting!

Not quite the whole story but a lot of it, starting with my being “discovered” as they used to say, on a bus in Chipperfield, and my beginnings as a child actor in wartime London with comedian Will Hay on BBC radio.

We performed the act for the King, Queen, and Princesses 4 days before the war ended. What followed was my being cast as “Just William”, and the downward spiral of my life as an actor to the present day. That’s 69 years! Here’s what he had to say:

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Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters

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September 21

Another fine lunch with the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at Sportsman’s Lodge in the Valley. This time the special guest was my old enemy, Larry King. I call him my old enemy, because of all the hooha back when he wouldn’t have me on his show to give my side of the story when he interviewed my ex Lynn, way after the breakup, and scrolled nasty remarks about me at the bottom of the screen. So I sued him and CNN in Federal court, remember. (But it was probably the producers who make these decisions, not him.) See the left pane to learn how it ended with the Ninth circuit.

Well then was then and now is now, so I went up to him, offered him a beer, and now we’re friends. David Keeler snapped these pictures. Thanks, David.

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On Writing

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Starting each day with an activity that becomes almost ritual seems like a good idea. I guess it’s different for different people, ask Bill Clinton, but for me, after the cup of Chai Latte which I make for myself (the heck with Starbucks), I sit down and try to write something for this blawg.

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Don’t Divorce Me! Kids’ Rules for Parents on Divorce

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This is HBO’s half-hour documentary, telling it from the kids’ point of view. It is being repeated through October, and should be watched.

Essentially, it is about hearing from the kids at home.

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Fox News is doing something helpful. They’ve discovered that there’s money to be made in the field of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING – like Duh!

The media is struggling these days to find and keep viewers, or readers if they happen to be in the print business.

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Voyager 1 leaves Solar System

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35 years ago Voyager 1 was launched. It surveyed the planets, passed through the Kuiper Belt and traversed the Oort Cloud.

Today we are told that Voyager 1 is about to cross a mysterious boundary between our solar system and empty space beyond. And even our best scientific brains are subjectively stumped as to what it is, and what that means, and are looking for a scientific answer. Trouble is, it takes 17 hours for messages to reach us, traveling at 186,000 miles per second, the highest possible speed.

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Mitt Romney, Clint Eastwood and Jobs (not Steve)

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I watched MR’s acceptance speech last night, and Mr. Eastwood’s standup  comedy routine too. Why? Because it amuses me.

CE is older than me, frail, and I felt for him. I was afraid he’d fall. I think he was looking at that chair longingly, rather than critically for laughs. He wanted to sit on it so that he could talk about Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, but first had to figure out how to make it suitable for RNC ears. Soldiers are heroes of course, but …

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Almost exactly one hundred years have passed since the following things occurred:

June 28, 1914.
An important political leader was assassinated by an insignificant little man in a tiny country in Eastern Europe.

July 28, 1914 (just one month later) war broke out.

The world’s largest powers lined up to start killing each other, in search of their own leaders’ dreams of empire:

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Dewey and LeBoeuf BANKRUPT!

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So another “great” law firm goes to the wall, and it just happened.  Readers can see it for themselves in most of today’s newspapers. The NY Times goes into detail with the filed document.

This has been an opportunity for me to direct people to this site in their comments sections, to read of the experience of Lynn (Redgrave) and me at the hands of Finley Kumble, and the malpractice litigation back in 1987. Only one LA Times journalist gave us a fair shake of an interview, as I remember, reporting on how Lynn was “waiting for her day in court“.

Find it by going to the topics pane on the left, A SPACE FOR REFLECTION, and clicking on “House Calls“. Much will be learned from our real life experience. Forget the textbooks of legal theory, drowned in the smelly waters of good intentions.

Justice: always delayed, often denied – now it’s…..rationed?

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April 17, 2012

So a further 30 million dollars is to be slashed from our court system here in California, the largest in the nation? This is on top of the 70 million already taken away this last fiscal year. That’s, get this, $100 MILLION DOLLARS. This means that by the end of June, there will be:

350 fewer employees

56 fewer courtrooms

No court reporters for civil trials unless bought and paid for by the litigants (Appeal? Good luck with that. Shoot the wounded? They may now shoot the living dead)

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Life in these United States (and outside too)


Showbusiness meets not just the law, but government too. And what a great story this is!

Feminism, Motherhood, Politics, Security, Family Values, Children, Patriotism, White House, Whore House, Beer, all coming together, if you know what I mean.  Ah…America!  Brings it all back for me, sixty-two years ago it is. Now I remember why I emigrated from gloomy old England. THIS is why I came to live here!






Anniversaries? Never mind the Titanic, how about Eadweard Muybridge.

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My youngest daughter Annabel, who took up photography, is reappearing on my radar I’m happy to say. Without any prompting, she’s joining the blog brigade, and I’m happy to link my readers to her website. Here, she chooses today to commemorate the 182nd birthday of the much neglected Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904). She shows the connection between him and the film business, for he predates Edison by several years, with his moving projections of a galloping horse and some naked models in the 1870s.  Come to think of it, he was using stereoscopic multiple cameras in much the same way that James Cameron does today. Yes, we certainly owe him!

Muybridge (birth name Edward James Muggeridge)  emigrated from England when a young man, and settled in the Bay area of San Francisco.  In his forties, he took to himself a young wife named Flora, and while away on one of his photography trips, probably shooting landscapes in Yosemite, or Eskimos in Alaska, or American Indians in Oregon, he returned home to find love-letters between her and another man. She had taken a lover, a Major Larkyns. Did she file for divorce? Did he go to California Family Court? No. This is what he did:

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Israel vs Iran. Something to Think About

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Tonight more saber rattling in the Middle East. Or is it more serious this time? Israel and Iran may well be on the warpath, and our navy is, right now, in the Strait of Hormuz, patrolling the 35 mile wide oilpath between Iran and Iraq with warships.

This is from a concerned (anonymous) reader,:

Iran’s rise to power is thanks to President George W. Bush and his Iraq war. Thanks to him we removed a historic enemy of Iran, Saddam Hussein, from the picture, and they are now poised to take over the Middle East. Remember in the 1980s when Iraq and Iran went to war? During the first portion of that war Iran was whipping Iraq’s behind and so Reagan sent none other than our good pal Mister Rumsfeld to Iraq to sell him WMDs. We did this in hopes of preventing one powerful force from taking over the world’s oil supply. We succeeded up until 2003 when we removed Saddam from power and now the Shia muslims dominate Iraq. So, Iran has virtually conquered Iraq without firing a shot, but by parliamentary elections.

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To Fly Again…


Denied to me now, I’m afraid;  Judge Gold caused me to lose my Piper Cherokee 6.

However, that didn’t stop me from encouraging my son Ben to learn to fly it, and later – to keep him out of trouble and stop being a waiter – to consider a career in aviation.  That he did, became an instructor, married one of his students, and now flies international for Delta with four stripes.  We don’t connect any more, but I hope he’s taking care of his crews and minding his Ps and Qs.

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A Market Meltup on Wednesday October 5th, 2011

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In less than 45 minutes yesterday, just before the usual dreaded down day close, Wall Street, as expressed by the Dow, went up 4%!

45 minutes? A concerted effort by market makers (aka “they”) is what this was. A scientific forensic investigation should be mounted to find out how it is that a huge market can act with all participants in concert with each other.

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Richard Fine, Found Guilty of Moral Turpitude?

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Our friend Richard Fine, (ex-Esq.) sat in one of the worst jails, the Men’s Central jail in Los Angeles, alone and ignored for a year and a half.  He believed in a cause, the cause of honesty and fair dealing by the exalted arbiters – Judges – who hold sway on the lives and well-being of our citizens.

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What do the names Weiner, Spitzer, Edwards, Schwarzenegger, Clinton, Gingrich, Strauss-Kahn, Woods, Boehner, Craig – the list goes on and on – what do they have in common? Why, an inability to keep their trousers zipped. Their stories detail the circumstances where men have lost sexual boundaries to the detriment of assorted reputations, and in some cases jobs and marriages. And to the intense glee of the media and the public in this most hypocritical of all societies.

And all they were doing was displaying an inability to control what Bernard Shaw dubbed the “Life Force”.   Mark Twain  wrote “The very thought of  it excites him; opportunity sets him wild; in this state he will risk life, reputation, everything … to make good that opportunity and ride it to the overwhelming climax.”

Well, I have a solution to this, a solution guaranteed to curb this kind of uncontrolled behavior.

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D.A. Cooley obliged to institute lawsuit to recover money paid to Judges

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Sterling Norris, an ex-D.A., was perhaps best known for going after the criminal behavior of serial killers, the best-known of them being Ted Bundy.

Now he works for Judicial Watch, the public interest watchdog that looks after the best interests of the common public.

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At the Chelsea Flower Show

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I just read in the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail of the celebrities attending the annual Chelsea Flower show in London. Another opportunity to show off their hats.

I see that my old sister-in-law Vanessa was there with her daughter Joely. She named a rose in honor of her other daughter Natasha, who died as the result of a foolish escapade on the slopes of a Canadian ski run a couple of years ago.

I cannot help but ask her why she could not do the same for her young sister Lynn, who has just past the first anniversary of her death on the flats of Kent, Connecticut.

It could be named THE PRINCESS MARGARET ROSE (get it?).  For Lynn felt she was always the second favorite daughter in her family.

Could “Two and a Half Men” Be Better Than Ever With Ashton Kutcher?


I just read a review of 2 1/2 Men by a “communications professor” by the name of Robert Thompson.  He admitted that while watching and critiquing the show, he would rather be balancing his checkbook.

The fact is, 2 1/2 Men is the only truly honest depiction of male and female behavior in our current American and possibly worldwide culture. It deals with real-life situations, and the greed, dishonesty and scamming that goes on at all levels of society and industry, producing the norms of life today. Its popularity, continuing with huge audience followers watching reruns, deny the premise put forth by this professor of communications.

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