I see that the enterprising Steven Botchco (Hill Street Blues) is turning to Civil Court as a source of material for a new as yet untitled drama series for Fox.
He says that the series will revolve around an ongoing, high-profile civil court case. He says his new project will emphasize “the personal lives of all the principals involved, including the defendants, the plaintiffs, the lawyers and the judge, and the way in which their private lives may be at variance with the high ideals and ethics of the profession they represent.”
To my mind, that’s already been done to great effect in the “Night Court” series, except there I never did see that ethics was a problem, always they were just human, and very very funny, and judicially flexible but straight and honest and no dark side.
I’d like to suggest that the series would do better to concentrate on a single ongoing case in Los Angeles Family or Probate Court. No laughs there.
Now THAT would be a real wake-up service to the community. The hero or heroine might even be a pro se.