I have started populating this folder with evidence of what I know to be true, and can document that truth (look to the left, My folder on Judge Gold).
And why am I doing it?
Because I truly believe that we have reached a point, thanks largely to the Feds and the situation in Iraq, where the States are being more closely looked at by Washington. Does one think that the Pellicano case would have surfaced as a result of an inquiry by the California legal system? Huh! Powerful law firms were using and paying for his services for years, and he continued to flourish in his business as a private eye illegally spying on the weak to aid the strong through the tapping of telephones. Yet nothing happened. It took a federal case to make it happen.
(I am also doing it to open up the court record of my trial, so that the public can go beyond what was reported about me in the media. The record that was ignored by the most trusted name in news.)
Yes, the California judicial system has dirty secrets. This is Chief Justice Ronald George’s turf, and he holds that buck, and it stops with him.
In the same way that Cardinal Roger Mahoney held the buck over the priest child abuse scandal, and the press finally got wise to it, and ran stories about it. Now his eminence is paying more attention to his turf.
The time is now very ripe for the same kind of press attention to be paid to how our legal system is being run here in California (do you care, Los Angeles Times and Daily Journal?).
The big difference being that Mahoney is NOT subject to reelection and George is.
And speaking of reelections, doesn’t our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger know of the tool of Special Investigative Commissions, designed to find out where corruption lies?
And hasn’t our Chief Justice heard of the tool sua sponte? And how this can be used per curiam without waiting for lawyer challenges?
Res Ipsa Loquitur!