Mary Kay Letourneau, 43, and Vili Fualaau, 22, got married and exchanged vows they had written themselves, today.
The couple’s two daughters, Audrey, 8, and Alexis Georgia, 7,
were flower girls.
Letourneau’s teenage daughter, Mary Claire, from her earlier marriage, was maid of honor.
This news should make us all feel good. Bravo to all of them, and especially to Mary Claire, who had the good sense to think as an independent person, free from her father’s influence.
I have written a piece elsewhere about the meaning of the words “Bright Line”.
Of course, bright lines are needed in a confusing world to bring a semblance of order to it. Obviously, teachers and young students should not be having sex together.
But we look to judges with their limitless powers to exercise wisdom and divine guidance to know how to “do the right thing”, so that their findings may go outside the margins of the bright line rules. A judicial option sadly found to be ignored in most courtrooms of the land, where the personal biases of most judges tend to rule in the garb of their black robes, (and has very occasionally led to the tragedy of wrong-headed retribution from aggrieved combatants).
That is how Mary Kay and Vili and their babies lost many years, a huge percentage, of their productive lives together.
We should all wish them the best of the best as they go forward.
And if the Media offers them bundles of cash to tell their story, they should take every cent they are offered without blame for doing so, for it may be that this will be their only future source of income. My advice to them would be to keep attorneys out of their lives. They will contaminate their union, and their sense of themselves. Save the money, and learn how to manage it.
I see that Mary Kay is going to marry her sweetheart Vili.
Good for her, good for both of them. Now the real test begins!
He was too young when first they met, and he wanted to make love to her. She should’ve said no, but the force of nature was too strong.
So she spent 7 1/2 years in jail with a restraining order to keep them apart, also from their 2 children.
My only question is, does the law, court, judge and law enforcement now have egg on its collective face?