Never mind John Mark Karr, there are other more important stories going on in this country of ours, and unbelievably, they are not getting the NATIONAL ATTENTION they should be getting. The story of Marcus Fiesel was pitched to Fox News, CNN and all the networks and got little or no play. No national coverage, thanks to John Mark Karr
This miserable yet riveting story must not be allowed to slip under the radar. People need to know, and must know.
It’s the truly shocking narrative of a three year old disabled little boy, bound with tape and covered in a blanket and left alone in a hot closet without food and water, just an electric fan blowing, for almost 2 days while his foster parents, their four kids, and a house mate, drove off to the next state about fifty miles away, to enjoy a family reunion.
When they returned, he was dead. The foster parents concocted a story about a missing kid, and went on television to ask for help so that the police and thousands of their neighbors in the community diligently searched for him. Days went by. Meanwhile, they took his body and burned it to cover up their deed.
This is the coverage I found on the Cincinatti Enquirer website:
The crime
The search

On Butler County Children’s Services

How the case unfolded
The Warrant
The Agency
The Family Reunion
Background, “Be Outraged”
Readers’ thoughts
On that last thread of thoughts, I found this poem posted by someone called Sharon, imagining what might have been the last words of the toddler. Read the above first, then the poem. Tears may flow.
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Attention must be paid.
One last thought. Although a little late, something should be done to remember Marcus and what he stands for. Let his name ring out and be preserved, a memorial in a park, perhaps a label on a piece of national legislation. It will help to give his senseless death some meaning.
Many people seem to feel that the child’s natural mother should not be able to sue, and should not “make any money” out of this tragedy, since she seemed to be unable to take care of Marcus in the first place.
From a legal perspective, she needs to be the one to sue. Yes, “the people” can and will sue for a crime, perhaps even murder, perceived to have been committed.
But the natural mother was the “real party in interest”, she had not lost her parental rights. And she can go after any and all defendants, not just the foster family, but the agency and the social worker employees and maybe even the State of Ohio. Defendants they all are not in a criminal suit. And they all have to answer, if justice and a better system is to be achieved. And remember, she might have won back her child if her circumstances improved. I say wish her luck.
Closing update
An overview and update can be found HERE with the trial result and entries as of 21 April, 2007.