The following was reported by the A.P. this morning.
LOS ANGELES, California
A toddler was shot in the head and killed when her enraged father used her as a shield in a gunbattle with police last night. He also was shot and killed after an hours-long standoff, and an officer, one of 40 who fired off nearly 90 bullets, was wounded in the shoulder and was expected to recover.
The man, owner of a small used car lot, was identified as Jose Raul Pena, and the girl, about 19 months old, was his daughter Suzy, police said. “He was using the baby as a shield,” Assistant Police Chief Jim McDonnell complained.
“We showed a tremendous amount of restraint, but unfortunately the suspect’s actions dictated this.” he added.
The child’s mother Lorena Lopez, estranged from her husband, and his 17 year old step daughter, had called 911 with a domestic threat report, leading to the arrival of the police and this incident.
She said she first pleaded with officers to hold their fire. “He had problems with depression, his business was not doing well, I told them that he needed help, he needs a psychologist, but please don’t shoot.
“They didn’t understand, and the police fired, like, 300 shots.” she told KNBC-TV.
Sounds to me like another failure on the part of the L.A. Family Court dispute resolution system, prior to the escalation of events.
[See the last paragraphs of my side bar topic “The Plight of the Pro se”]
And I guess the baby then became a partner in her crazed father’s “crime”, and deserved what she got.
And for you freeway drivers, next time you see police cars chasing armed fleeing criminals, everybody firing guns, duck or pull over, you too could become victims listed officially as unfortunate “collateral damage”.