Tough.  Kiefer Sutherland had just been honored by my old Canadian performers’ union ACTRA for his services to the performing arts and his Canadian heritage (his father is Donald, who used to paint the scenery when I was acting with the Straw Hat Players in Ontario back in the 50’s.)  I guess he had a drink or two to be sociable, left, got in his car, made a U-turn, and was pulled over (the rules say you can make a U-turn if there are 2 sets of double yellow lines, but not if only 1 set) by the ever-competing members of the police enforcers hereabouts. A tad over the legal limit of .08 percent was enough to put him inside.

Well, unlike our friend Paris Hilton who managed to avoid serious jail time back in June, Kiefer’s lawyer was smart, or maybe it was his damage-control press-rep advisor; anyway, he is pleading "no contest", and agreeing to serve 48 days in jail, 18 of them in December during a production break of his Fox TV "24" television series which pays him millions, and the remaining 30 days within the following 6 months, in order not to disrupt shooting or cause the series cancellation. ( Martha Stewart led the way.)  He also lost his driver’s license and will be on 5 years’ probation! Fox TV must be very proud of him!

AP report on CNN website

He’s going to come out of this looking good, because he’s turned it into a showbiz positive.  We wish him well.

Later It’s next year and January 21, and today he emerges unscathed. The writers’ strike stepped in, and he served his time consecutively.  No harm, no foul. Talk about lucky.