Why NOW? This is just my opinion of course, but I think what is about to happen will show I am correct.
The event is emerging now because a British immigrant, Professor Michael Tracy, on the faculty of The U. of Colorado (my son’s alma mater), has spent the last 4 years making a study of the JonBenet Ramsey case, and filming 3, count ’em, 3, documentaries about it, and now he’s ready to place and sell them for showing.
Being a professor of “Journalism” (wow, what are they TEACHING nowadays?), he especially knows the REAL problem: How to get exposure to titillate the public’s appetite to want to see his documentaries!
Answer: Ploy. Reveal to the authorities the contents of his e-mailing contributor, superfan John Mark Karr, with whom he has had correspondence for four years.
They fell for it, of course, and went scurrying off to find him. In Thailand, of all places.
The fact that Tracy is succeeding in spades of Pulitzer Prize proportions is apparent on all of the news media everywhere, who are getting bored with the Middle East. And it’s a welcome distraction for the Administration.
Tracy has the brass to say “I don’t regard JonBenet’s murder as an important story. It raises questions about what the role of journalism is in a democratic culture.” I watched him doing an interview, in which he stated that he will NOT be questioned any more.
Yes, following the path of Ann Coulter and other 15 days of fame ilk, the Brits have learned well how to practice the skills of American chutzpah and PR for a financial advantage.
I repeat, just my opinion.


John Mark Karr’s just arrived in Los Angeles, and ready to be transferred over to Colorado, for indictment and trial.
Seeing his face as he sat in the dock, one is reminded of the unforgettable character created by Bill Murray in “Little Shop of Horrors”, sitting in the dentist’s chair of nasty Steve Martin, barely able to contain his excitement at the pleasures to come.
And another, similar, character, must be his attorney, who can’t wait to remind a court that his client cannot possibly obtain a fair trial given the media attention.

Later still

Oh tush, the D.A. declines to prosecute! Once again, we see how the cynical media WANTS to be duped if the results can hold the possibility of public obsession, viewers, ratings, and an interview with Larry Ziegler Live on CNN, the “All the News You Can Trust” station.
Well, I think they should pay Mr. Karr for the material, for he provided many hours of their programming. Wonder if he could sue. Misappropriation? Misrepresentation? Unfair Competition? Or how about Unfair Business Practices! Or Interference with Business Advantage!
And don’t forget to share it with your true love, Mr. Karr. But first, find a “good” lawyer. They’re out there.
October 5
Just in today, fresh from Santa Rosa: A judge dismissed child pornography charges against former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr. Prosecutors, having lost his original computer files, dropped the case, said they didn’t have enough evidence to take it to trial. Karr was released immediately.
My question is, any reflection or repercussion on Professor Michael Tracy? Perhaps all we can say or do is mock him in class (nudge to his students). His videos may have lost considerable value now. Poor guy.
We know who paid the prosecuting attorneys, you and me, but who paid for his defense? Perhaps his lawyers worked Pro Bono, seeking a rapidly receding Holy Grail.